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Adventure Packages

$1,900 / per person
(25 reviews)

This itinerary offers a comprehensive 20-day journey through Jordan and Palestine, combining cultural exploration with adventurous hiking.

$1,230 / per person
(17 reviews)

An adventurous tour combining the historical and natural wonders of Jordan, featuring invigorating water trails, a visit to the majestic Petra, immersive cultural experiences, and thrilling activities like jeep tours, camel rides, and helmet diving in Aqaba

$2,000 / per person
(22 reviews)

This itinerary focuses on a condensed 8-day adventure through Jordan’s diverse landscapes and historical sites

$1,400 / per person
(21 reviews)

This 16-day itinerary offers a dynamic blend of cultural exploration and challenging hikes across Jordan’s diverse landscapes.