Islamic Tour


Day 1: Arrival Queen Alia International Airport – Amman Hotel

Upon arrival at the Queen Alia International Airport in Amman, our airport representative will wait for you before the immigration desk holding a sign with your name and will assist you with the visa procedures to get your free tourist visa (please don’t miss him and don’t proceed without him). Our airport representative will walk with you through customs and to the luggage hall.

Then you will be transferred to your hotel in Amman for an overnight stay.

Day 2: Amman Hotel – Cave of the Seven Sleepers – Jerash – Salt – Amman Hotel

An early start today, at 07.30 drive to Ashab Al- Kahf or The Cave of the Seven Sleepers. Mentioned in the Holy Qur’an in a Sura named Al-Kahf (the Cave), it is located outside the village of Al-Raqim, 10 km east of Amman. There are eight smaller tombs that are sealed. Also, there are Byzantine and Roman ruins still standing as well as a mosque, that exactly fits the description in the Holy Qur’an.
Drive on to Jerash, the old Roman city for a visit. Then continue to the Shrine of prophet Hud (PBUH) near Jerash: the prophet Hud (PBUH) is an ancient Arab prophet, descended from the prophet Noah (PBUH). The eleventh chapter in the Qur’an was named after him. After your visit to his Shrine, you will have lunch at a restaurant in Jerash city. Then, you will drive on to Salt to visit the Shrine of Prophet Shu’ayb (Jethro) (PBUH) and the Shrine of Prophet Yusha (Joshua) (PBUH). Later, transfer back to Amman and visit the Citadel and the Roman Theater.

Dinner and overnight at your hotel in Amman. (B, L, D)

Day 3: Amman Hotel – Sheikh Hussein Border – Jericho – Jerusalem Hotel

After breakfast, drive to Sheikh Hussein border, located in the North of Jordan. Cross into Israel and drive to Jericho for a visit of the lowest city in the world. Enjoy a short visit to Nebi Mousa and then transfer to Jerusalem. Have lunch in Jerusalem before going to the Al Aqsa Mosque, where you will have free time to pray.

Dinner and overnight at your hotel in Jerusalem. (B, L, D)

Day 4: Jerusalem Hotel – Bethlehem – Hebron – Sheikh Hussein Border – Petra Hotel
After Breakfast, transfer to Bethlehem to visit the Nativity Church. Drive on to Hebron to visit Al Haram Al Ibrahim (Sanctuary of Abraham). This 1000-year old mosque enshrines the tombs of prophets Abraham (Ibrahim) (PBUH), Isaac (Is’haq) (PBUH), Jacob (PBUH) and their wives. Continue to the Glass Factory. Before crossing back to Jordan have lunch at a restaurant in Jerusalem.

Transfer to the border and drive direct to Petra for dinner and overnight. (B, L, D)

Day 5: Petra Hotel – Petra Visit – Petra Hotel

After breakfast, visit the Nabatean Red Rose city of Petra, one of the 7 world wonders and a UNESCO World Heritage site. Enter the city through a 1KM long narrow gorge which is flanked either side by 80m high cliffs! Notice the dazzling colors and formations of the rocks. The site is massive, and contains hundreds of elaborate rock-cut tombs, a treasury, Roman-style theatres, temples, sacrificial altars and colonnaded streets. along the way, enjoy lunch at a local tent restaurant in the Archaeological park.

Dinner and overnight at your hotel in Petra. (B, L, D)

Day 6: Petra Hotel – Karak – Mt. Nebo – Madaba (St. George Church) – Amman

After breakfast, drive via the King’s Highway to Karak to visit the immense Crusaders Castle. Visit the Shrines in Karak (the Tombs of the martyrs of Mutah Battle). The most significant and fiercest battle fought during Prophet Mohammad’s (PBUH) lifetime was the Battle of Mutah (629 AD). It took the lives of his closest companions, martyred fighting against a combined Byzantine/Ghassanid army. You can visit the tombs of the venerable companions Zaid bin Harithah, Ja’far bin Abi Talib, and Abdullah bin Ruwahah, in the town of Al-Mazar Al-Janubi, near Karak. Then, drive to Mt. Nebo, from where Moses (Musa) (PBUH) viewed the Promised Land. Continue to Madaba to visit the St. George Church, with its famous mosaic map.

Transfer to Amman for dinner and an overnight stay. (B, D)

Day 7: Amman Hotel – Desert Castles – Amman Hotel

After breakfast drive to the east of Amman to explore the Desert Castles. The Desert Castles stand as a testament to the flourishing beginnings of Islamic-Arab civilization. These seemingly isolated pavilions, caravan stations, secluded baths, and hunting lodges, were at one time integrated agricultural or trading complexes, built mostly under the Umayyads (661-750 AD), when Muslim Arabs had succeeded in transforming the fringes of the desert into well-watered settlements. You will visit Qasr Amra, one of the best-preserved monuments, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Its interior walls and ceilings are covered with lively frescoes, and two of the rooms are paved with colorful mosaics.

Qasr Al-Mushatta, Qasr A-Kharrana, Qasr A-Tuba and Qasr Al-Hallabat have been restored and are all in excellent condition. The black basalt fort at Azraq, in continuous use since Late Roman times, was the headquarters of Lawrence of Arabia during the Arab Revolt. Enjoy lunch at the Azraq Nature Reserve.

Head Back to Amman for dinner and an overnight stay. (B, L, D)

Day 8: Amman Hotel – Queen Alia International Airport

After breakfast, your driver will transfer you to the Airport 2 hours prior to departure time. we wish you a smooth flight!

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