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10 Days 9 Nights
Category: Tours in Jordan
Type: Cultural Tour
Start in: Jordan-Amman
Finish in: Jordan-Amman

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Day 1: Arrival Queen Alia Airport – Madaba
Arrival at Amman Queen Alia International airport. Our representive will wiat you at the airport holding a name sign to help with visa procedures . Your driver will wait for you in the arrival hall, also holding a name sign and he will transfer you to your hotel in Madaba for overnight.

Day 2: Madaba – Mt. Nebo – Karak Castle – Dana Nature Reserve
After breakfast start your day with visiting the St. George Church in Madaba. Drive to Mt. Nebo from where Moses viewed the Promised Land. Follow the King’s Highway until Karak to visit the immense Crusaders Castle. Then continue to Dana Nature Reserve for dinner and overnight at Wadi Dana Eco Campsite.

Day 3: Dana Nature Reserve
Today you will have a day to experience the village life in Dana Nature Reserve. Try your hand at farming methods unchanged in hundreds of years; roam Dana's pastureland with a local shepherd and his flock; learn traditional bread making and/or cook a Bedouin meal over an open fire. These excursions are not yet included; let us know your preferences and we will add them to your itinerary. Please contact us for prices and more information. Lunch is included for today at the camp. Overnight at Wadi Dana Eco Campsite. (B, L, D)

Day 4: Dana Nature Reserve – Wadi Feynan
Today you will hike the Wadi Dana Trail from Dana Nature Reserve to Wadi Feynan. Start from Dana Nature Reserve at 1200m above sea level and adventure down through the beautiful Dana Biosphere Reserve to Feynan at 325 m. Cross paths and exchange warm greetings with local Bedouin tending their goats or stop to rest and enjoy sweet tea. Experience the 4 different bio-geological zones of Dana and keep an eye out for the many rare forms of flora and fauna to be found here such as the Nubian ibex. Local drivers will transport your luggage to the eco-lodge in Feynan. This hike takes around 5-7 hours, lunch boxes are included.
At sunset Feynan offers a hike, take this rare opportunity to witness the end of the day in the Bedouin camps below; with children wandering home from play, women tending the evening fires, men rounding up their herds in a peaceful dance as the sun falls to the haunting sounds of the call to prayer. Feel the gentle breeze ushering in nightfall as stars dot the sky and guides brew fresh mint tea over the warm fire. Dinner and overnight at the Wadi Feynan Eco Lodge.

Day 5: Wadi Feynan – Little Petra

After breakfast you can enjoy several Bedouin local community experiences in Feynan that the lodge offers. Each activity mentioned below takes around 2 hours. The first 3 activities mentioned below are included. The weaving depends on the season you are travelling if it is available or not. If you like to attend this experience instead of another then just let us know and we will check if it is available for you at the moment you. These interactive experiences offer you an unique insight into the lives of one of the last remaining Bedouin communities in Jordan. Bedouin culture is evolving, and through these experiences we work with the community on preserving cherished traditions without getting in the way of progression. Join a local Bedouin family in their goat-hair tented home and learn about their rich culture and daily activities. You will have the rare opportunity to experience native Bedouin daily life, learn about their daily activities, traditions and way of life and learn about the sustainable lifestyle of traditional Bedouin tribes.

1. Making kohl
A local Bedouin will show you the process of making Kohl, the Bedouin eye makeup that is believed to strengthen eyesight, protect against eye ailment in addition to its cosmetic and aesthetic uses. You will be taken through the process from the burning of cotton and olive oil under the Saj, to collecting the Kohl and applying it.

2. Making Arabic coffee
Arabic coffee is an essential part of the Bedouin traditions; the Bedouins serve it on almost every occasion including weddings, funerals, or simply when the family gets together in the evening. During this experience, you will be taken through the musical experience of roasting the coffee beans, grounding then boiling them. The Bedouin family also explains the etiquette of serving the Arabic coffee and drinking it.

3. Baking earthy “Arbood” bread
Arbood is the staple food a Bedouin would have for lunch while shepherding his/her herd of goats in the wilderness. A local Bedouin will teach you how to bake Bedouin bread from only flour, salt and water kneaded and baked in ash.

4. Weaving goat-haired tents
Learn the full process of making a tent from goat hair; from the beating of the hair through to the weaving process. This is a seasonal activity for local families, normally done in early summer.

Lunch will be at the Eco-Lodge in between of the experiences. After your Bedouin activities you will transfer to visit the site Little Petra before heading to the Bedouin Little Petra Campsite located close by for dinner and overnight. (B, L, D)

Day 6: Petra

Full day to explore one of the seven world wonders. After your visit to the Siq, Treasury, Street of Facades, Theatre and Colonnaded Street you still have time to see: the Monastery and/or the High Place of Sacrifice. It is a lot of climbing, but worth the views!
Lunch suggestion inside Petra: the local Tent Restaurant or Basin Restaurant operated by 5* Crown Plaza Hotel. After your visit to Petra you will be taken back to the Bedouin  Campsite Little Petra Campsite for dinner and overnight. (B, D)

Day 7: Petra—Mansaf!
Free morning to visit Petra. If you did not had the chance to visit the High Place of Sacrifice and/or the Monastery the day before, then now is your chance! You could also think about visiting the Royal Tombs. Today you will learn how to prepare Mansaf. This is a traditional national dish and famous under the Bedouins. It is often cooked for special occasions such as weddings, funerals etc. In the afternoon you will go with your guide to the butcher to buy meat, that you will need for tonight. After you will go to a local family and help with milking the sheep. The milk of the sheep is used to prepare Jameed, which is used for this famous local dish. In the evening you will go together with our team of local people to little Petra. You will bring all the ingredients you got today and together you will prepare Mansaf on an open fire! Overnight at the Little Petra Bedouin Campsite. (B, D)

Day 8: Petra — Wadi Rum

Drive to Wadi Rum for a half day jeep tour inside the protected area. Wadi Rum is famous about the Red Sand and beautiful rock formations. Upon arrival you will enjoy a short camel ride from Rum Village to Lawrence’s Spring. This takes around half hour and you get to experience how the Bedouins used to (and some still do) get around in the dessert. If you are lucky you will spot a local Bedouin family still living in a Bedouin tent in Wadi Rum and you might get invited for a cup of tea. A barbeque lunch will be freshly prepared by your driver. End your jeep tour at a simple but fixed campsite located in the middle of the desert. The camp has sanitaire facilities and private tents. In the evening you will see how the Bedouins prepare a meal called Zarb. This is a dish cooked under the ground. Enjoy this special dish with the local Bedouins of Wadi Rum. (B, L, D)

Day 9: Wadi Rum – Dead Sea
After breakfast leave Wadi Rum and drive to the Dead Sea, lowest point on the earth’s surface for a free afternoon and overnight. Float in the salty waters and try out the famous healing mud. (B)

Day 10: Dead Sea – Queen Alia Airport
Transfer to the airport for departure. You would need to leave the hotel 3 hours in advance (2 hours for the check in and less than 1 hour driving from the Dead Sea to Amman Queen Alia Airport). (B)