About Why Jordan Tours

Discover the treasures of Jordan with Why Jordan Tours. Visit famous sights such as Petra (one of the Seven World Wonders), float at the Dead Sea (lowest point on the earth’s surface) and experience the beauty and silence of Wadi Rum desert. But also dive in the Red Sea, hike through the nature reserves and go on an adventure in one of the many canyons Jordan beholds. Jordan is a country with lots of diversity.

At Why Jordan Tours we have a team of very enthusiastic, knowledgeable and friendly employees, ready to assist you! Together we have more than 20 years of experience and we have served thousands of satisfied customers. Customers always come first with us, at Why Jordan Tours.
Why Jordan Tours is a professional and licensed travel agency, located in Petra. Our tours range from big classical group tours, family tours to individual tours. From horse tours to wellness,incentives and so much more!

We have a lot of standard tours set up, but we are always open for changes you might like to make. You ask and we deliver. Our specialty is Tailor made tours and we strive to accommodate all your wishes. After all, it’s your holiday and we want you to leave Jordan with amazing memories to look back on. We believe that the best way to experience our country is to see it through the eyes of its people who live here.

If you are seeking a specialized and professional Incoming Tour Operator to Jordan and the region, as well as a reliable partner in Jordan, Why Jordan Travel and Tourism is your best choice.
Let us bring the real Jordan to you.
Travel with Why Jordan Tours, because at Why Jordan it’s not just travel, it’s a lifestyle.

 Our mission is to give the best quality of services and to add valuable services  to our customers to feel the difference in competitive cost by ensuring satisfaction for our clients aiming to have a consistent and long-term relations with our clients and suppliers.

Vision: Our vision is to make travel to Jordan with us not just a dream but a reality and to be a leading Travel agency in the travel industry.