1-Day Tour Dead Sea (From Aqaba)

Tour Details

Arrival via Aqaba Port or Araba Border. Upon arrival be greeted by our representative and complete procedures with his assistance. Afterwards, meet with your English-speaking driver and transfer to Dead Sea, an approximate 3.5-hour drive. The Dead Sea is located on the lowest point on earth’s surface, some 420 meters below sea level. Upon arrival you will be taken to a hotel resort for entry and buffet lunch.

Enjoy the bizarre, yet delightful experience of floating on the surface of the buoyant waters, seven times saltier than regular seawater. Cover yourself in the rich black mud found in pots along the foreshore, let it dry, then wash it off in the Sea. Your skin will feel revitalized.

At the end of your day, meet your driver and transfer to the port/border for departure.

*Drinks not included

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