Where do you go on summer vacation?  … guide to the best beaches in Jordan

 Tourism in Jordan enjoys the presence of the most beautiful beaches. Jordan may be one of the most important countries with beautiful beaches.  On the Red Sea in the Gulf of Aqaba and the Dead Sea.

 In addition to the recreational places in Jordan, you can enjoy the beauty of the beaches.

 Its beaches provide stunning views of the surrounding mountains and terrain, as well as the treasures of those seas of marine organisms and coral colonies that offer a unique diving experience, in addition to related water sports, and the most important of these beaches are:

 Berenice Beach

One of the most beautiful places of entertainment in Jordan in Aqaba, because it is one of the most important places of entertainment in Jordan for families, this beach with its calm waves and coarse white sand, a very organized beach with umbrellas made of wicker trees and benches to relax in front of the sea, and it is possible to dive and watch the aquatic life accompanied by a private beach guide.

 Pyrenees Beach Jordan is the finest beach in Jordan, as visiting this beach is a special pleasure that is not comparable to another tour, as the beach offers a distinctive and calm atmosphere, and is characterized by its wide area, which is one of its most important features;  As it is visited by a large number of visitors, and whether you are at sunrise, sunset, day or night, every time has a special pleasure that you will experience, you can practice many marine activities, and you can also go on a cruise or rent a yacht or a small boat, and it is spread along  The beach has a different number of restaurants and cafes.

 South Beach

 The southern beach in the Gulf of Aqaba is one of the most beautiful recreational places in Jordan, where the sunrise and sunset trip has a very exciting view, and it has all the surrounding services, one of the best restaurants in Jordan that offer a variety of international cuisine, and it has the most famous markets in Jordan, and in addition to being a beach in the utmost calm, it is the best place when  Thinking of going on a honeymoon?

 The southern beach of Jordan is a place where you can never get tired of the many activities that you can do, so it is considered one of the most prominent beaches in Jordan, as the beach is characterized by its different shape and large area. The beach includes a number of tracks for walking and running, and there is a special place where you can barbecue with the company of your trip companions  There is also another place suitable for children, which includes many distinctive games, besides that you can practice fishing, which is one of the entertaining and enjoyable activities, and the beach includes a rescue team in case of emergency, in addition to that there are restaurants and cafes scattered along the beach

 Al Hafayer Beach

 It is located in the Al-Hafayer area in the center of the Jordanian city of Aqaba, and it is one of the most important recreational places in Jordan for families.  It has a group of the finest hotels in Jordan, which enjoy wonderful views of the sea.

 City Beach

 It is located in Aqaba, and it is one of the places of tourism in Jordan that is open to Arab tourists, but you find most of it in the Jordanian people, the Palestinians and the Syrians, and it is possible to swim, dive and enjoy children and adults, and there is in front of the beach the cheapest hotels in Jordan.

Amman tourist beach

 It is located on the Dead Sea coast, and it provides many facilities such as restaurants, cafes, and lounges, in addition to various activities for visitors.

 Al-Ghandour Beach

 It is one of the busiest beaches on the coast of Aqaba, distinguished by its turquoise waters and picturesque background, and provides a range of facilities, services and activities.

 Tala Bay Beach, Jordan

 If you are looking for one of the similar beaches of Jordan, we recommend Tala Bay Beach, Jordan, as this beach is located near the Tala Jordan Hotel, so it is a suitable place;  To enjoy and to stay in the distinctive hotel near it, the beach is characterized by its stunning beauty and clear waters that sparkle when the sun’s rays reflect on it, along with the soft white sand that is suitable for walkers, and this beach is suitable for different visitors, and you can practice many different activities in it, where you can swim  in the beach waters, or do some water sports

 Intercontinental Jordan Beach

 Intercontinental Jordan Beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in Jordan that many visitors or residents of the city visit, as it provides all the features that a visitor needs while spending time in a distinguished natural place, as it provides calmness and ample space, and what distinguishes it most is its unparalleled beauty anywhere else.  , as it has beautiful blue waters, and golden sands that can be run on in this pleasant atmosphere, and you can also do many activities such as water skiing, and after spending your fun time on the beach, you can go to one of the restaurants or cafes scattered on the beach

Kalia Beach, Jordan

 There are many distinctive places that are few in any country, and one of these places in the Kingdom of Jordan is Kalia Beach Jordan, as it is one of the distinguished beaches in Jordan.

This beach provides what the visitor is looking for in any natural recreational place of rare beauty and a quiet atmosphere for recreation and relaxation,  Therefore, this beach is an ideal tourist destination for lovers of distinctive natural places, and this beach is located among the shores of the Dead Sea, and the beach enjoys beautiful turquoise water, and there is a terrace built above the beach at a distance from it, through this terrace you will enjoy a wonderful view of the sea

Valley Beach Park

 This water park contains a huge swimming pool with a wave machine and many amazing and varied water slides, and it is surrounded by the most beautiful scenic landscapes, which makes it suitable for family picnics, as you can relax on the beach while your children have fun on the slides and enjoy the warm water in the place, and the beach contains  There are many lifeguards who are always ready and who are keen on the safety of your children, and the height of the children is measured upon entry, so that children whose height is less than 95 cm are accepted free of charge, and there are also two restaurants in the Valley Garden, one of which is by the pool that serves light foods  And the other is a large buffet restaurant that serves complete meals.

 Marina Beach

 Marina Beach is located near the Aqaba Marine Park, about a quarter of a kilometer from the Great Arab Revolt Roundabout. The beach is clean and well taken care of. It is a public beach with shaded benches where you can rest, relax, take the most beautiful photos and memorial shots, and watch the passing boats.

 Marina Beach is one of the beaches of Aqaba rich in coral reefs, fish and other marine life, and the surrounding park;  Home to a large number of the best diving centers in Aqaba.

 The Great Arab Revolt Square beach

 The Great Arab Revolt Square beach is one of the most important beaches of the Aqaba Sea. It provides a unique and complete opportunity for entertainment and spending quality time away from the pressures of daily life. There are many sandy beaches nearby with diving and snorkeling centers, boat tours, and various activities and water sports.

Dead Sea beaches

 The Dead Sea is located between Palestine and Jordan in southwest Asia;  It is one of the most famous tourist areas in the region, as it is visited by many tourists from all over the world to enjoy the mud of the sea and benefit from the minerals present in it, in addition to swimming, relaxing and relaxing with family and friends on the beaches of this sea.

 The Dead Sea in Jordan is distinguished by its unique and distinctive beaches, where visitors can enjoy the experience of swimming and medicinal mud in this salty lake. Among the most important beaches for swimming in the Dead Sea, Jordan, we find:

 Dead Sea Public Beach

 or the free Dead Sea Beach is one of the most famous and crowded beaches on the Dead Sea in Jordan, as the beach provides excellent infrastructure with facilities for visitors, including changing rooms, showers, and water equipment rental services.  Visitors put medicinal mud on their bodies and enjoy its therapeutic properties.

 Al-Ain Beach (Ain Al-Sukhna Beach)

 is one of the wonderful beaches on the Dead Sea, as it is characterized by its calm waters and the beautiful surrounding area. Here visitors can enjoy and go through the experience of swimming in the salt water

 Dead Sea Resorts is available on a number of luxury resorts and hotels on the Dead Sea in Jordan, which offer private beaches for swimming and recreation, such as the Dead Sea tourist beach, which includes several resorts and facilities such as swimming pools, spas, and restaurants, and it is a great choice  To enjoy a unique experience on the Dead Sea.

 Bait Al-Barakah Beach

 This beach is a great option to enjoy the swimming experience in the Dead Sea, and it is characterized by its quiet and secluded location from crowds, which makes it a good choice for those looking for calm and relaxation. The beach offers simple facilities such as deck chairs and showers.

 Zara Beach

is one of the well-known beaches in the Dead Sea, as it provides a pleasant swimming experience in the salt water. The beach is characterized by its picturesque surrounding area, which provides an attractive natural environment to enjoy recreation and rest.

Enjoy all these beaches in Jordan and more, but do not forget to check out the great cultural and historical Jordan as well

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