Little Petra | 2-Day Horse Riding

Tour Details

Day 1: Riding in Little Petra

Starting from the stables in Wadi Musa, we ascend the mountain viewing Petra, a Bedouin Village and Ammarin Village. We descend towards the Little Petra area and enjoy lunch under the shade of olive trees. After lunch, continue further into Beida, the area around Little Petra. Afterwards, ride towards a camping location that is in a mountainous area with a view over Wadi Araba.

Day 2: Riding in Little Petra

In the morning, ride back through the mountains to Little Petra and where we visit Little Petra. After your visit, we ascend the mountain and enjoy lunch under the shade of a big fig tree. After lunch, relax and take in your surroundings. Then continue our ride ascending into the old, deserted village of Al Hay before we ride back to the stables.

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